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Cinema / TV Production and Post-production

HUGO PRIDE Products / Services


The HUGO PRIDE Studio specialises in professional film and television production.

We offer services based on new technologies, therefore our offer is competitive and highly creative. Due to integrated methods of action the time necessary to realisation of the production has been reduced to the minimum, which is very important especially in the case of low-budget tasks. We specialise in production of advertisement spots, video clips, multi-media materials, including materials for web sites, and scientific films of documentary character. We prepare coverage of different types of events (vernissages, sport competitions, conferences, etc.). In our own studio we create real time animated 2D and 3D graphics, most often used in advertising and scientific films.

We offer comprehensive services in realisation of all stages of film and television production, by means of video techniques.

We work on professional ARRI, RED, SONY equipment of CineAtla class and Apple (Mac Pro). We offer full range of services regarding the video material montage, including material from the customer. We prepare such material for TV broadcasting (for TV broadcasters), Internet or for mobile devices or other forms. We ensure high reliability and velocity of realisation. Complete materials are uploaded to our servers, so that the time of receiving the product by the customer is shortened to the minimum.

Our advantages in comparison to other companies include not only applying the technology used in Hollywood productions, but also holistic approach to the customer.

It means that we undertake realisation of the whole production process, from recognising the needs of the customer, through preparation of the plan of the project screenplay, organisation of the set, realisation of the shooting, post-production, to choosing the forms of distribution. Thematic screenplays are prepared for all types of film productions. We specialise in particular in writing screenplays to the scientific and scientific for general public films. As consultants for such productions we employ scientific workers of national and foreign higher education institutions.