Training Management / eLearning


Training Management / eLearning

We design modern and economical methods of on-line trainings.

We implement and manage eLearning systems. Such systems are economical and replace in many cases the traditional training methods. In preparation of the modern trainings and tests we use the newest methodological achievements, used in eLearning systems at universities. It regards both content and technical issues.

We realise dedicated product trainings regarding widely perceived market, marketing, institutional issues, as well as the critical situations in environment protection, etc. We manage the full range of the training process of employees of all trades, in both private companies and corporations as well as in public institutions.

We specialise in the issue of eLearning systems’ management. We conduct comprehensive audits of the training management process. On the basis of the conducted audits we plan the education process and progress supervision of the employees. We design the paths of development for employees of the whole trade, as well as single positions.

Audit of the training management process

We realise the full audit of training management process and the level of product knowledge of the employees. This service allows for evaluation of the training process. Such audit consists of a comprehensive analysis of all training and supervision processes in the customer’s company. The results of the audit are used to plan further training policy for the employees and to choose appropriate methods. The audit serves to adapt the eLearning system as the complementing tool in training management.

Training management

We implement and manage eLearning systems, which assist in the education and evaluation of employees’ knowledge, conducted on-line. We realise dedicated product trainings regarding widely perceived market issues. We prepare original training programs, realised by means of eLearning. We implement educational and training programs of our customers. We manage training process for employees in companies, public institutions as well as for students of universities. 

Consulting regarding the choice of eLearning system

We consult the choice of the eLearning system adapted to the training and organisational needs of the customer’s company. We prepare dedicated procedures within methodology if eLearning system implementation. We realise IT audits to determine technological conditions for the implementation of the eLearning system. IT audit includes the choice of the appropriate hosting platform.

Implementation and management of an eLearning system

  • modern management of the whole training system,
  • covering all employees with a consistent system of trainings within the structures of the company or institution, 
  • round-the-clock monitoring of the training process,
  • choice and adapting the trainings to the needs of individual employees or groups of employees,
  • immediate implementation of the newest training techniques and dedicated substantive programs,
  • high profitability of trainings, which may be realised for different groups of users, consisting of an unlimited number of participants.