Design Studio / Graphic Design


Design Studio / Graphic Design

We offer highly specialised one-stop-shop project services, from brand creation to the DTP and fine printing.

Our idea is to get through to the previously defined customer’s target group by means of the “picture with the message”.

We specialize in the brand creation on the regional and global scale and in all activities directed at building as close interactive communication with the potential recipient as possible. Our offer consists of a wide range of specialised services, realised by our team of graphic designers supported by psychologists and sociologists.

Creating the effective image of the company

The product or the given offer is the key to market success. Company’s view, based on the pictures and slogans consistent in their message, is the necessary condition of the market position. We offer complex realisation of the project services, which define the company’s image and trade offer. We design creative media projects in the form of conceptions of dedicated multi-media character, adapted to the customer’s needs. These conceptions constitute elements of the full pre-press and pre-media realisations.

We offer comprehensive one-stop-shop services

from design to fine printing or preparation for digital publication.

The proposals of printing or multi-media projects are analysed with potential recipients in minds and then presented to our customers for approval during specially prepared print proofs and digital presentations. The original proposals contain the newest trends and solutions, which we implement in the next stages of project realisation, thus creating a consistent company’s image.

Dedicated photographic materials accompany the realisation of our projects. According to the needs we organise professional indoor or outdoor photo sessions. We provide artistic photographic services for organisation of big or small events of various character. The photographic material is adapted to the needs of later publication in the form of leaflets, folders, books, thematic albums, etc.

We are full of new ideas, unconventional solutions and ready to respond to the difficult market challenges. We have both practical and theoretical market experience. We are able to observe the market products and analyse it efficiently, which acts to advantage. Our projects are successful due to the fact that we act on the basis of teams of experts chosen in an unconventional way.