Tomorrow starts herE

HUGO PRIDE is a result of infinite big dreams about the future possibilities and ideas of today to make it materialize.

Products in form of dedicated projects, adapted to the needs of the customer, are our specialty. It regards not only IT, Design, Brand Creation or Marketing Communication Projects, but also all types of multi-media, fine printing and management of eLearning courses.

Niche creative and unconventional projects are our specialty. We define our potential niche recipients ourselves (on the basis of the conducted marketing research) and for them we prepare dedicated communication projects. The participants of the realisation process of the projects include not only creative professionals but also potential recipients chosen from the niche target groups. Our communication projects are adapted to the different media if needed. In our work we always try to make use of the newest technologies. It regards not only IT and photo-video equipment, but also specialist software.

Each customer is assigned to a competent consultant, who is responsible for preparation of the project, creations and management of the training process, and later its implementation. The implemented projects are monitored constantly on request of the customers. The results of research are published in form of special reports, which are a great help in the management of the customer’s company. Marketing reports are prepared on the dedicated servers of HUGO PRIDE on the basis of professional data bases, and later opened to the management boards of the companies.

Our Mission

Communication projects are created in such a way that they are as close to the marketing policy of the customer as possible. Our leading idea is to get through to the so-called niche recipients.

We create unique projects of construction aimed at this chosen group of niche customers. The communication project, together with its construction and implementation methodology constitute the added value.

Our value

The added value is created by our holistic and interdisciplinary approach. Our team consists of professionals and specialists from the renown universities in our country and abroad.


In consequence we can offer one stop shop products of unique added value, unprecedented on the national market.

Interesting Details

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