We offer highly specialised services - from brand creation to the quality consulting.
Our specialty are unconventional niche projects. Projects that create true added value.
We only do projects we believe in.

What we do:

Art / Design / Production



We are 6-stars, and thats why:


The added value is created by our creative team. Our team consists of professionals and specialists from renowned universities in our country and abroad.


Our specialty are products in a form of dedicated 'Made to Masure' projects adapted to client's needs. It concerns equally communication / design projects adapted to different, all types media.


Projects are created with a view of suiting the client's marketing policy. Our main idea is to get through to the so-called niche recipients. We create unique projects of a construction that is tailored for a selected niche group of clients. The project, together with its construction and implementation methodology constitutes our added value.


Our projects have outstanding craftsmanship. In our actions we always try to make use of the latest hi-end and highest quality technologies.


Each client undertaking a cooperation with us is assigned to a competent consultant, who is responsible for project preparation, creations and management of the training process, and later - its implementation. The implemented projects are constantly monitored at the clients request. The outcomes of that research are published in a form of special reports, which are a great help in managing the client's company. Marketing reports are prepared on dedicated servers on the basis of professional data bases, and later made available for the companies' boards of directors.


We are full of ideas, unconventional solutions and are ready to take up difficult market challenges. What makes us stand out is market experience, both practical and theoretical. And our ability to observe market products and analyse them effectively is our other strong point. We work in unconventionally selected teams of specialists, which is often a deciding factor in the success of our projects.


We invite you to work with us!